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Welcome to the online open house and survey for the Elliott Bay Connections Project. We are currently in the design phase for this project and are excited to engage you in this process. This page serves as a resource for community members to learn more about the project and provide input that will help shape the project’s next steps. The buttons to the left can help you navigate the various sections of this page. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!

What’s happening?

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Create new pedestrian &
bicycle greenway

Restore & revitalize Myrtle Edwards / Centennial Parks

Restore public fishing
at Pier 86

Elliott Bay Connections would provide a new bicycle and pedestrian greenway connecting Waterfront Park to the Olympic Sculpture Park and would restore and revitalize Myrtle Edwards and Centennial Parks.

What’s Happening

Connecting and Revitalizing Parks on the Elliott Bay Waterfront

Elliott Bay Connections (EBC) is a new public–private partnership to connect, restore and revitalize public parks along the Elliott Bay waterfront from Pier 62 (the northern end of Waterfront Park) to the beach just south of Smith Cove. The project, expected to be complete by June 2026, is funded entirely by private philanthropic donations.

Elliott Bay Connections would:

  • Create a new pedestrian and bicycle greenway connecting the new Waterfront Park at Pier 62 to the Olympic Sculpture Park at Pier 70.
  • Restore and revitalize visitor amenities at Myrtle Edwards Park and Centennial Park, including restrooms, picnic tables and seating.
  • Refresh landscapes at Myrtle Edwards and Centennial parks with new lawns, plantings and tree canopy.
  • Add new play areas for children and families.
  • Restore public fishing at Pier 86 and improve direct public access to the water.

Land Acknowledgement

The Seattle Waterfront is situated on the land of the Coast Salish Peoples, who have resided here since time immemorial and continue to thrive.

With respect and humility, we acknowledge the history of the waterfront, the dispossession of land from the Coast Salish people, and, most importantly, the strength and resilience of the Native people and their culture through this history to the present.

This acknowledgment serves only as a first step in honoring the land that we occupy and the first peoples of this land. The EBC Team recognizes that this will be long and evolving work to build and repair relationships with Native communities.

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View the EBC Virtual Presentation Webinar from November 15, 2023 here!

Survey is now closed

The project team is working on analyzing the survey responses and will share the results during the next phase of outreach in the spring of 2024.

EBC Community Survey

From November 1 through December 15, 2023, our survey asked the community about how often they visit the parks, what issues keep them from visiting more often, and their thoughts on specific park attributes.

Learn more about the EBC

How will EBC improve and connect waterfront parks along Elliott Bay?

How will EBC improve and connect waterfront parks along Elliott Bay?

Elliott Bay Connections will restore, revitalize, and refresh Myrtle Edwards Park and Centennial Park.

Improvements may include:

  • Improved paths for walking and biking
  • Beach coves with places to touch the water
  • Refreshed landscape including lawns, planting areas, shoreline, and trees
  • New park furnishings such as benches, picnic tables and bike racks
  • New lighting
  • New signage and wayfinding
  • Public fishing access and concessions at Pier 86
  • New restrooms
  • Play areas for children

Elliott Bay Connections will also create a new pedestrian and bicycle greenway connecting the new Waterfront Park at Pier 62 to the Olympic Sculpture Park at Pier 70. This path will be located on the inland side of Alaskan Way.

Improvements may include:

  • New protected multi-use path with trees and planting alongside
  • Safe street crossings
  • New lighting
  • New signage and wayfinding
How will the community be involved in design?

How will the community be involved in design?

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Public Input












We invite the public to provide feedback in the early stages of design. We will continue to keep the community updated throughout design and construction

  • Public input will begin prior to design and construction.
  • The community engagement process starts in autumn 2023 with the public invited to give their input into the proposed greenway and park improvements.
  • Construction will be phased to preserve continued public access to green space and pathways.
  • Information will be posted on this website throughout the design and construction process.
Who is involved in EBC?

Who is involved in EBC?

The Elliott Bay Connections project will be delivered by a unique public private partnership at no cost to taxpayers.

  • Downtown Seattle Association (DSA) is the private implementation partner in this public-private partnership. DSA will serve as fiscal agent and project sponsor for all necessary agreements, permits and contracts.
  • The Mayor’s Office and Port of Seattle have pledged their full support for Elliott Bay Connections.
  • The Muckleshoot and Suquamish Tribes both support Elliott Bay Connections. The EBC project team will work closely with representatives of the tribes and Urban Native community to ensure inclusion of Native perspective, knowledge, practices, and language in the project design and implementation.

The Elliott Bay Connections Project will be delivered at no cost to taxpayers:

  • Private funding will provide 100 percent of the funds needed to complete the EBC project. All funds are raised and there is no financial obligation or cost to taxpayers. The parks and greenway remain public property, owned and managed by the public sector.
  • Private funding will provide support for the first ten years of operation and maintenance for the new greenway and the renovated and revitalized public waterfront parks. The EBC project team will work with public partners to ensure that the public spaces are designed to be sustainable and maintained to an agreed upon standard of care.
What else is happening along the waterfront?

What else is happening along the waterfront?

  • Waterfront Park, the centerpiece of the central waterfront. A constellation of lush, open public spaces linked together by a pedestrian-oriented promenade, Waterfront Park features the Overlook Walk, which ties together two iconic destinations, Pike Place Market and the Seattle Aquarium’s new Ocean Pavilion opening in 2024. Waterfront Park totals 20 acres and is scheduled to open in 2025.
  • The proposed new greenway from Waterfront Park to the Olympic Sculpture Park, totaling more than two and a half acres, complementing the Alaskan Way Safety Project, previously announced by the City of Seattle, which will provide a protected bike lane on the west side of Alaskan Way.
  • The award-winning Olympic Sculpture Park with nine acres of extraordinary contemporary sculpture and topography.
  • Myrtle Edwards and Centennial Parks, which together offer 16 acres of restored and revitalized lawn, plantings, visitor amenities, beach coves and paths.
  • The Beach, just south of Smith Cove, a contemporary public landscape of more than two and a half acres of native plantings, driftwood, and seating.
Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Download our Elliott Bay Connections Frequently Asked Questions .pdf.